Envent Celebrates 25 years of Success!

Envent started its safe environmental work over 25 years ago with these water treatment systems. The owners have grown the business through safe work practices, exceptional customer service and with the environment in mind. As we say goodbye to two of our first units, we are so proud to see this evolve into the largest fleet of mobile equipment and the #1 water treatment and vapor control company.

Envent Corporation’s Air Flotation Unit (EAFU)

Envent’s mobile Air Flotation Unit (EAFU) is fresh off a total retrofit by the Denver Fab Shop.  The EAFU is used to remove emulsified oil from water.  This unit is often used when water is contaminated with crude oil and solids.  The air combined with a coagulant chemical breaks the emulsion and floats the oil to the surface where it is skimmed off and collected for recycling.  The EAFU units are rated at 100 GPM and 200 GPM.

Please contact Donald Morrow, Envent Senior Project Engineer, at (888) 997-9465 or email donald.morrow@envent.net for more information.


Huntsman Chemical Safety Meeting

Joe Robinson, HSE Supervisor, attended the quarterly safety network meeting hosted by Huntsman Chemical, at the Huntsman Chemical O&O Facility in Port Neches, TX.  The meeting consisted of attendees from various contract companies and local chemical or refinery facilities from around the region (from Lake Charles, LA to Freeport, TX).
The meeting was designed to share safety program training, safety presentations, updates on any new finds, top trends that have been reported, as well as networking among attendees.

Showing in the picture from left to right is:
Dennis Malveaux – Safety Lead and STAT Co-Facilitator from the Huntsman Chemical O&O facility
Joe Robinson – Safety Supervisor Gulf Coast Region for Envent Corporation
David Mathewson – Global training Manager Huntsman Chemical


Regulatory compliance distinguishes top degassing performers – BIC Magazine April 2016

Envent has been featured on BIC (Business & Industry Connection) Magazine‘s April 2016 issue. Envent is aligned with BIC Alliance’s goal of connecting  people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all. Check us out! You can also click the link to view this article on BIC’s website. http://trendmag.trendoffset.com/publication/?i=295145&p=&pn=

Regulatory Compliance Distinguishes Top Degassing Performers - BIC April 2016

ENVENT Corporation Presents Vapor Bladder System to Expand Fleet of Mobile Vapor Control & Degassing Equipment

Envent VBS
Envent Vapor Bladder System

ENVENT Corporation unveils another expansion to their mobile fleet of vapor control and degassing equipment servicing North American petrochemical clients with leading technology that meets rigorous environmental regulations.

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