Critical Components For Your Degassing & Vapor Control Project

Degassing and vapor control are critical to get right – far too important to leave in the hands of inexperienced operators at full service industrial cleaning companies. Since 1992, Envent has specialized in mobile vapor and water treatment and our safety record speaks to the depth of our expertise and the quality of our work.

Project Managers consider five things when choosing a degassing and vapor control company: experience, safety, compliance, service and cost.

Envent exceeds on all counts.

Tank & Vessel Degassing

Since 1992, Envent is a degassing specialist with the largest and newest fleet of equipment in North America.   Our team of experienced operators is able to evaluate projects quickly to ensure that your facility has the right amount of equipment and personnel to handle your degassing assignment safely.

Tank Degassing & Vessel Degassing Services | Envent Corporation

Storage Tank Degassing

We designed our EMTOS & EMECS system to be the safest, fastest and most effective means of degassing storage tanks.  Using the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1400 °F threshold, EMTOS’ efficiency for complete vapor destruction is >99%.

Storage Tank Degassing & Mobile Vapor Control | Envent Corporation

Pipeline Degassing

Envent has safely degassed more pipelines than any other company in the world – and we continue to build on our record of accomplishment. Whether you want a pipeline flared or degassed using an oxidizer or scrubber, we have the solution.

EMTOS (312)

Marine Vapor Recovery

Our Portable Marine Vapor Control Systems are USCG Compliant and consist of Envent Mobile Emission Control System (EMECS) and Envent Dock Safety Unit (EDSU) units.  Our team designed these Portable Marine Vapor Control Systems to safely and efficiently destroy explosive vapors from marine cargo vessels during hydrocarbon loading activities.

Marine Vapor Recovery, Marine Vapor Control | Envent Corporation

Refinery Turnaround Services

Envent engineers work directly with turnaround planning teams to provide vapor control, water treatment or specialty services ensuring that your plant meets local, state, and federal regulations.  We provide tanks, pipe, hose and all the vapor control & wastewater treatment services needed for your flareless turnaround.  We will work with you to achieve reduced duration and cost on your upcoming turnaround.

Refinery Turnaround Services | Envent Corporation

Thermal Oxidizers

Envent maintains the nation’s largest fleet of thermal oxidizers (aka vapor combustors or vapor combustion units) for degassing operations. Our equipment achieves the 1400 °F minimum operating standard outlined in the EPA’s Best Available Control Technology (BACT).  Don’t be fooled by those firms that tell you they have something more efficient. Envent sets the standard for BACT and MACT.