Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Chevron

Envent Corporation has been providing environmental field service and consulting work for America’s Products Company as long as I’ve been affiliated with the Los Angeles Basin terminals, since approximately 2002. Envent maintains an A rating in CHESM, while providing critical and high-risk services for our terminals.  As Envent is a company specializing in emission control, they do not offer turnkey tank cleaning services.  We find that when given the opportunity to directly contract these services with Envent, we can save approximately 10% over mark-up costs if they subcontract to other vendors who perform tank cleaning operations. We have not, to date, certified any other company to perform degassing services for Transportation and Operations and I believe that Envent policies and practices will serve as templates for our own policies. “

John Dalton, Terminal Environmental Safety & Health Specialist, Chevron  

Envent Corporation | Motiva Logo

I want to express my appreciation for a job well done! The Envent team showed professionalism and a spirit of team work that allowed us to turn over the unit ahead of our original schedule. Thanks and looking forward to upcoming projects with Envent.” 

Operations TA Supervisor – Motiva – Port Arthur Refinery

Envent Corporation | Sunoco Logo

“On behalf of Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals we want to express our sincerest thank you for the hard work and professionalism of your team. As you know, we spent significant time and resources in planning and executing this project, with a goal of completing the job ahead of time, under budget, and with zero (o) injuries/incidents. The teamwork and professionalism exhibited by your team was key in helping us achieve these goals. We look forward to having the opportunity of working with you in the future.”  

Eric Scheivert – Site Operations Manager – Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals 

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Exxon Mobile

“I would like to take a moment and express a few thoughts for the work performed by Envent here in Baton Rouge ExxonMobil Refinery. As in the past Envent has always provided us with a safe and efficient degassing operation on our tankage. Envent helped develop a plan utilizing Envent’s proven process for inert degassing a blanketed tank. Bottom line this tank was degassed and opened for cleaning of the remaining solids without any incidents at all. We at the refinery appreciate Envent working with us and adjusting to our needs for equipment and schedule.”

Tank Maintenance Manager, ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Shell Oil

“This letter is a recommendation for Envent Corporation’s on-site vapor control and tank degassing. We have been using Envent Corporation for over 10 years and they have always responded whether the project is scheduled or an emergency. Their state of the art equipment is definitely the best in the business and they always seem to be improving it.”

Dave S., Shell Oil Products

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Phillips 66

“I wanted to express our appreciation for your services. Your on-site wastewater treatment programs have provided us with very cost-effective alternative for wastewater disposal.”

—Hugh C., Tosco (Now Phillips 66)

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Shell Oil

“With the new Flare-less regulations the Hydro-Cracker turnaround would have been delayed by several days without your assistance. In my opinion your portable combustion units were most effective in addressing our needs. The capability of your engineered system to handle the temperature and flow rates of our unit depressurization was key to the success of our turnaround.”

Operations Coordinator, Shell Oil Products – Deer Park, TX

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Exxon Mobile

“Envent has performed tank degassing, vapor control and monitoring services at the Torrance Refinery for approximately 15 years. They have reliable degassing equipment, programs and procedures to ensure documentation is maintained. They meet the refinery safety requirements and have an excellent safety record.”

Orlando C., ExxonMobil Refining

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Tesoro

“Having many years of tank maintenance and turnaround experience in Northern California, I have tried numerous companies and have had mixed results. Envent has always responded to our needs, has had a flawless safety record in our plant, they are cost effective and maintain state of the art equipment.”

—  J. Broker, Tesoro

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial ConocoPhillips

“ConocoPhillips project personnel are very pleased with the response to the mobilization and the turnaround time for the degassing that Envent was able to provide. As is typical for most of our tank projects, we provided less than 48 hours to mobilize – and Envent was able to meet our construction schedule.”

— C. Carpenter, ConocoPhillips

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Chevron

“During each of these degassing operations, Envent performed in a very safe, controlled and efficient manner. Envent has also provided Chevron with storm water discharge water treatments services and also with vapor control devices such as carbon canisters. Envent has always operated in compliance with their permits and has always maintained the required documentation in conjunction with those permits. Overall, Envent has an excellent safety record with Chevron Marketing in the Los Angeles area.”

— R. Wise, Chevron

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial

“Not every vendor can come into ITC and work 5 jobs the first 2 weeks through the gates. Most are lucky if they get to finish the job they started, and the few that get a second job have to be good. Those that get past the second job are special – and those that get 5 are unheard of these days. I have dealt with many vendors here, and Envent has been the smoothest I have seen.  We here at ITC think we are lucky to have Envent on board to help serve our customers’ needs.”

— G. Martin, ITC

Envent Corporation Client Testimonial Sasol

“I just want to take a minute to let you know that we are very pleased with the cleaning job that was done on T7-916 tank. Together, we cleaned and degassed the tank in less than 2 weeks, and we did it without any environmental impact or safety issues.”

—E. Walker, Sasol