Safety-Driven Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Since 1992, we have been the #1 provider of tank & pipeline degassing services, vapor scrubbers, GHG emissions control, and mobile water treatment in North America.  Envent Corporation has been the go to company for the smallest and largest petrochemical firms in North America such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Phillips 66, LyondellBasell, Oxy, Valero, Tesoro, Kinder Morgan, Enterprise, Buckeye and many more.

Degassing & Vapor Control

Envent has the largest fleet of portable thermal oxidizers and emission control systems that uphold the highest regulatory standards standing by for all of your degassing needs.  Since 1992, Envent has safely provided degas services to our customers.  Having vast experience with all types of products and tank constructions, you can be confident that Envent will provide the right solution and execute flawlessly.  Using our own power and fuel source, there will be nothing left over after a project except a detailed compliance report for your facility! 

Scrubbers & Odor Control

Envent has the widest range of scrubbers available to our customers.  With solutions ranging from 200 lb carbon drums all the way to 16,000 lb vessels, you can be assured that Envent will prescribe the right solution that fits your job.  This provides cost savings to you as well as minimizing the amount of waste in a project.  Depending on your project, Envent will deploy passive or recirculating scrubbers to eliminate vapors or orders.  With dozens of ASME recirculating scrubbers in our fleet, we can handle vapors from almost any process.  Envent also carries a wide range of media and chemicals to best control your vapors. 

Refinery Turnaround Services 

During Turnarounds, time is money.  Envent has the equipment and engineering necessary that will limit the amount of time your unit will be down.  What will shaving off a day of your Turnaround do for your cost savings?  With the largest portable thermal oxidizers and high flow, high pressure recirculating scrubbers, Envent is prepared to depressure your units as fast as you are prepared to go.  Let Envent engineers make your life easier with detailed process flow diagrams and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) readied equipment. 

Marine Vapor Recovery 

All equipment needs to come down for maintenance.  How much does it cost to not be able to load barges during that downtime?  With equipment that meets all USCG requirements, Envent can set up at your dock while your loading schedule is uninterrupted.  Envent can provide Marine Vapor Control Services for up to 20,000 bbls/hr to minimize the time of your loadings.  Let Envent engineers guide you through this seamless transition and work with the 3rd party certifier directly. 

Mobile Water Treatment Services

Envent started as a water treatment company almost 30 years ago.  With a wide variety of equipment strategically located through the US, Envent is prepared to provide you a water treatment solution suitable for your process.  From process contact water to hydrotest water, Envent can treat your water down to discharge requirements.  Envent can provide you high flow rates with their high flow cavitation air floatation units and high flow liquid phase carbon vessels. 

Soil Vapor Extraction & Mitigation Systems 

Envent has a fleet of soil vapor extraction units to abate odors and vapors during any agitation of the ground.  Past spills or pollution events can slow or inhibit work from progressing if the right solutions are not used to capture those vapors.  Allow Envent and their team of engineers to design the right system for your project. 

Pipeline Evacuation & Recovery Gas Compression Services

In 2021, Envent added a fleet of state-of-the-art mobile transmission and distribution natural gas cross-compression units.  These units, strategically staged at our offices throughout North America allow us rapid strike response to methane mitigation projects for our transmission, distribution and pipeline customers to recapture the natural gas and achieve net ZERO emissions and meet the latest MEGA Rule standards..  These units are capable of drawing down and evacuating methane at 1400 PSIG to < 5 PSIG with hours.  This method not only saves time and enhances safety, but also helps you save money while safeguarding the environment.

Success for Envent doesn’t just come from having the largest fleet and best equipment in the industry, but from our employees.  With the best safety record in the industry and by providing the highest level of customer service and continually earning your business, our employees are what makes Envent successful.  It’s our safety & compliance record and our depth of experience that allows you to rest assured, the job will be done incident free.