Envent Corporation is a leader in vapor scrubbing equipment, technicians, and logistics. Industrial and commercial companies as well as municipal organizations contact our team to ensure that vapor scrubbers and odor emissions are handled skillfully, safely, and in full compliance with all local, state and national regulations.  

Envent’s engineers have an average of 6+ years on our team – their tenure allows us to provide our clients with customized solutions for their unique operation.  We clean or neutralize gases of various chemicals and dust particles by utilizing our advanced equipment and scrubbing solutions.  

Since 1992, Envent Corporation has been North America’s #1 leader of mobile vapor scrubbing which means you can count on us for planned projects or for emergency response – anywhere in North America. Call an engineer today; together we’ll get you started on the most effective management plan for your vapor scrubbing and emissions control requirements.

Best Industrial Vapor Scrubbers | Envent Corporation

Vapor Scrubbers

Envent Corporation is the largest provider of industrial vapor scrubbers in North America. We provide a wide range of scrubber systems to accommodate municipal authorities, large refineries, wastewater plants, manufacturing facilities and chemical liquid storage terminals.

Liquid Scrubber Chemistry

VapoScrub™ chemicals combined with our proprietary VaporBite™ Technology in our Escrub™ & EVAC line of scrubbers offers your plant the best solution for vapor control. VapoScrub™ chemicals offer a substantial cost savings over activated carbon and provide a low cost and easy solution when Envent Mobile Thermal Oxidizer Systems (EMTOS™) or Envent Combustions Systems are not the answer.

Carbon Media Services and Systems for Industrial Facilities | Envent Corporation

Carbon Services & Systems

Envent designs and operates carbon media systems for industrial facilities, refineries and petrochemical plants throughout North America. Our systems are HAZOP and MOC certified, we offer capacities that range from 200 lbs. to 20,000 lbs.

Recirculating Scrubbers and Vacuum Blowers | Envent Corporation

Blowers & Air Movers

Our recirculating scrubbers are state of the art and exceed EPA’s Best Available Control Technology (BACT). Envent has a complete line of blowers, from low vacuum to high vacuum and low flow to high flow.

Envent Corporation | Vacuum Scrubbers

Vacuum Truck Scrubbers

Envent’s equipment fleet includes the most cost effective and advanced Vacuum Truck Scrubbers in the industry. New regulations add mobile-unit vapors to the emissions limits for an entire facility, which makes high-efficiency mobile scrubbing an absolute necessity. Third-party testing confirms that Envent mobile units deliver destruction efficiencies of > 99%.