The Envent Process — Committed to Serving You

Envent Corporation’s commitment to customer service can be quickly outlined in 7 key steps. Here’s what happens when you contact us:

The Envent Corporation Process and Commitment to Customer Service


Identify your job specifics.

Our engineers will work with you to gather all the information needed to create a complete job scope.


Perform a “job walk”.

Envent relies on this crucial step to confirm the “field details” from the primary contact at the job site. We carefully note the site details and scope out the set-up and operation.


Our engineering gives approval.

All of the equipment and personnel that we will use to complete the job must be reviewed and approved. Our engineers review the proposed job scope and confirms technical and compliance requirements. Envent obtains P.O. approval for all costs associated with the job.


Finalize preliminary paperwork.

Envent ensures we have proper access to the site and confirms all necessary permits have been obtained. We maintain dozens of permits, but if permits must be acquired to complete your job, we will obtain them ourselves or work with you to obtain them.


Begin your field work.

With all specs, permits, site training and safeguards in place, Envent’s experienced team completes the assignment with our customary total commitment to safety. We do not cut corners.


We monitor and communicate with you.

Envent provides you with regular updates of the ongoing job so you have a record of our commitment to safety, compliance, and progress. As your job nears completion, our team aggregates data using our Enforce system compliance & safety reports of our performance and your project.


We complete your job.

Envent completes all of its field tasks, communicates with the appropriate contacts, and exits the job site after a thorough “clean up.” We send our compliance report via our secure proprietary Enforce system with the click of a button.