Safety is Our Foundation, Sustainability is Our Mission. Envent Corporation places paramount importance on safety and has made it an integral part of its core values. Recognizing the potential risks associated with degassing and vapor control operations, the company is committed to providing solutions that prioritize the well-being of personnel, communities, and facilities. Rigorous safety protocols and procedures are strictly adhered to throughout each project, minimizing hazards and ensuring a safe working environment. With a team of highly trained professionals, Envent Corporation maintains an exemplary safety record, earning the trust of clients across the industry.


The goals of this program are:

  • To encourage participation in growing a positive safety culture at Envent Corporation.
  • Recognize employee’s commitment to demonstrate Envent Corporation safety and quality performance for all customers.
  • A positive safety culture and goal zero attitude will save cost for Envent Corporation by reducing incidents and injuries.

Positive recognition awarded to those working safely helps encourage us all to keep safety in mind in all that we do. Making safety suggestions and reporting near misses help prevent actual incidents from occurring. As evidenced by the Safety Pyramid below, an incident involving property damage occurs for every 20 near misses and an injury for every 60 near misses. We use this as a tool to ensure we are reporting near misses and correcting issues as they arise so that we don’t find ourselves climbing the pyramid.

SCAN – Survey, Consider, Analyze, Notify

At Envent, we firmly believe that our employees are our most invaluable assets. With a profound commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our employees, stockholders, customers, and the general public, we have established a comprehensive policy aimed at preventing personal injury, property damage, and environmental harm.

Our target: ZERO.  ZERO incidents, ZERO injuries, ZERO accidents.

Envent’s safety program is ingrained in every facet of our operations. We invest significant resources and time to ensure that all employees possess the necessary tools and training to execute their tasks in a manner that is not only compliant but also prioritizes safety. We adhere rigorously to all applicable local, state, and federal rules, laws, and regulations, surpassing the standards set forth to fulfill and exceed our commitments.

Safety Tools we use:

• JSS (Job Safety Survey) S.C.A.N.

• JSS Audit (Peer Based)

• BBS (Behavior Based Safety)

• Safety Tailgates

• Hazwopper Training

• SSE Training / Mentor

• Drug and alcohol testing

• Crew Leader Average – 10 YRS

• Operational Procedures – Best in the Business

• Dedicated EH&S Director and team of designated safety specialists

Results we get:

• “A” Rating in Avetta and ISNetworld

• Industry Leading TRIR and EMR Scores

ENFORCE – Compliance Reporting Made Simple

Envent makes it easier and faster to keep track of compliance records. All compliance is available online through the secure ENFORCE portal. ENFORCE offers customized compliance reports to fit your needs.  Compliance data reporting is posted within 72 hours of job completion.

Safety is Our Foundation, Sustainability is Our Mission.

Committed to Safety

Envent is committed to the belief that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable. This philosophy is inserted into every project – regardless of size, and due to our earnest efforts, we have consistently maintained a safety rating well below our industry peers. Below you will find a list of some of the training and compliance companies that support our safety and health program.

Three Rivers Manufacturer Association | Envent Corporation
ISNET WORLD Member | Envent Corporation
National Compliance Management Service | Envent Corporation
Occupational Safety Councils of America | Envent Corporation
Industrial Safety Training Council | Envent Corporation