Envent Mobile USCG Certified Marine Emissions Control Systems

Envent Corporation’s Portable Marine Vapor Control Systems are USCG Compliant and consist of Envent Mobile Emission Control System (EMECS) and Envent Dock Safety Unit (EDSU) units.  Our team designed these Portable Marine Vapor Control Systems to safely and efficiently destroy explosive vapors from marine cargo vessels during hydrocarbon loading activities.  Vapors containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are created during the process of loading bulk liquid tankers and barges with flammable liquids such as crude oil (e.g., Bakken Crude, Eagle Ford Shale), gasoline, naphtha, benzene, and many other materials with a vapor pressure greater than 0.5 PSI.  The liquid introduced displaces vapors from previous cargoes that still exist in the tanks as well as those vapors generated by the current cargo loading. When opportunities arise at your marine terminal and you need to start transporting, Envent Corporation can help you. We provide equipment and services to control vapors without the capital expense of a fixed facility.

We customize our vapor control systems to meet your project needs.

Truck Loading Vapor Control Systems | Envent Corporation

We ensure work is performed safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Marine Vapor Control Regulatory Requirements | Envent Corporation

Envent Corporation is the North American Leader in Mobile Marine Vapor Controls for Ships and Barges. With mobile systems ready to deploy to ports throughout North America, Envent is the #1 industry leader. Envent has portable dock safety skids and large vapor combustion units capable of fast deployment. Our engineers will work with you to ensure your operation meets the US Coast Guard standards in 33 CFR 154 without the need to complete a “gap analysis.” Our vapor combustors are source tested to meet the US EPA’s Best Available Control Technology (BACT).

The Envent Mobile Emission Control System (EMECS) / Envent Dock Safety Unit (EDSU) removes the need for you to invest in design, engineering and even some permitting for a permanent system.

Benefits of the EMECS / EDSU include:

  • Eliminate Capital Expenditure
  • Eliminate Engineering – Envent Engineers will Handle it
  • Eliminate CEQA Permitting
  • USCG Compliance with 33CFR154 – No “Gap Analysis”
  • No need for a “Gap Analysis” to replace the DSU & All safety systems with an Operator
  • Full Dock Safety Unit – Skid mounted
  • Pre-approved HAZOP system
  • Avoid Building Permits
  • Avoid Air Permitting – Envent will acquire

Envent Dock Safety Unit (EDSU)

The EDSU is located near the facility vapor connection and often mounted on the dock adjacent to marine vessel.  The EDSU is a skid-mounted safety system located near the facility vapor connection, usually mounted on the wharf/dock adjacent to the marine vessel that will be loaded with hydrocarbon commodities.  The EDSU unit accepts vapors from marine cargo holds and includes safety interlocks, detonation arrestors, and an enriching system to ensure vapors are maintained outside of the explosive range before being directed to the vapor destruction unit.

Call Envent today – this unit is easily mobilized and can be set up quickly for your marine vapor recovery project.

Envent Mobile Emission Control System (EMECS)

The EMECS is a horizontal combustion thermal oxidizer capable of reaching greater than 1400 °F. The EDSU is located near the facility vapor connection and is often mounted on the dock adjacent to the marine vessel. The EMECS is a 20-77 MMBTU horizontal combustion unit with a fully enclosed thermal oxidizer firebox and dual horizontally-fired waste gas burners with a fixed pilot and flame safeguard system used for Marine Vapor Recovery. The EMECS is a rapid response system for barge or ship loading vapor controls. The EMECS is typically located away from the wharf/dock in a non-classified safe zone where combustion can occur. Since the EMECS operates at temperatures greater than 1400 °F to assure complete combustion and destruction of the vent stream, the safe area must be a minimum of 30 meters from the closest marine berth in operation. EMECS complies with all United States Coast Guard regulations, and the unit includes safety equipment ranging from fire-safe valves and redundant detonation arrestors, to supplemental instrumentation that can instantly identify upset conditions.  EMECS interlocks with the EDSU to form a highly effective, fully certified and 100% compliant Marine Vapor Control System. Call Envent today for your short term or long term ship or barge loading vapor control needs.