The Clean Air Act of 1990 requires the control of VOC emissions.  The Marine Vapor Recovery units at marine facilities must meet the regulations codified by the US Coast Guard in Title 33, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 154 and by the US EPA in the Clean Air Act, Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 61 and 63.

Controlling flammable and combustible organic vapors presents numerous hazards including cargo tank overfill, overpressure or vacuum, cargo spillage and detonation of the flammable vapors.  Envent has portable Dock Safety Units which include oxygen monitoring, overpressure controls, detonation arrestors, flow controls, shut-offs and enrichment systems.  Envent’s portable Dock Safety Units meet the regulations and are approved for use by the USCG.

Under the authority of section 183(f) of the Clean Air Act, the US Coast Guard has issued regulations to ensure the safety of equipment and operation of Vapor Control Systems (VCSs) that control vapors of crude oil, gasoline blends, or benzene emitted from a tank vessel’s cargo tanks.  These regulations are treated separately in the Code of Federal Regulations for vessel and facility requirements.  In general, the Subchapter D, tank vessel regulations in 46 CFR part 39 contain requirements for vapor collection equipment installed on tank vessels, while the regulations in 33 CFR 154 Subpart E, contain the requirements for facility based vapor control systems.

Envent engineers know these regulations and can provide a solution to all of your Marine Vapor Recovery challenges.

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