Your Complete Refinery Turnaround Service Provider


Envent Corporation: Your Complete Refinery Turnaround Service Provider

Houston, Texas – Envent Corporation, a recognized leader in environmental and industrial solutions, stands as the trusted name for complete refinery turnaround services. Refinery shutdowns and turnarounds are critical windows of time where every minute counts, and Envent is the go-to company for comprehensive solutions, from vapor control to water treatment.

Optimizing Turnaround Efficiency

Refinery shutdowns and turnarounds are high-stakes operations where time truly equals money. Any unplanned hitches can disrupt schedules, put plants out of compliance with regulations, and result in substantial financial losses. At Envent, we understand the importance of regulatory compliance, exposure reduction, and safety on behalf of our clients. We are committed to helping our clients make the most of their planned turnarounds and, more importantly, addressing unforeseen issues.

Customized and Engineered Solutions

Envent’s refinery turnaround services offer tailored and engineered solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Our offerings encompass flareless options and support for Flare Gas Recovery Units (FGRUs) during Maintenance, Startup, and Shutdown (MSS) events. We specialize in the complete destruction of a wide variety of vapors, including steam, nitrogen, hydrogen, H2S, as well as high and low BTU vapor streams. Additionally, Envent is equipped to treat the water generated in preparing your unit for maintenance.

Time Efficiency is Key

The Refinery Shutdown Relief (RSR) regulations can limit the use of a refinery’s flare during a turnaround, causing extended depressurization and decontamination time. Envent boasts the largest fleet of thermal oxidizers in the United States, including the largest mobile thermal oxidizer available – the EMECS 77, capable of handling 34,000 SCFM and 77 MMBTU/hr. This remarkable capacity enables Envent to significantly reduce the time required for unit depressurization, all while ensuring 100% compliance with environmental regulations.

Collaborative Approach

Envent’s experienced engineers work in close collaboration with your turnaround planning team and environmental department, often months in advance, to provide customized solutions for vapor control and water treatment. Our engineers played a pivotal role in the design and construction of our equipment, ensuring that it is tailored to your facility’s unique needs. Our comprehensive consultation includes the provision of expert operators and equipment, ranging from tanks and piping to pumps, scrubbers, water treatment systems, and proprietary chemicals. We also offer sophisticated compliance monitoring and reporting, led by our expert operators and engineers.

Envent: Your Turnaround Partner

Envent Corporation is not just a service provider; we are your partner in achieving a seamless and efficient refinery turnaround. With our commitment to regulatory compliance, safety, and the environment, Envent offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for the refining industry.

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About Envent Corporation:

Envent Corporation is a leading provider of environmental and industrial solutions, with a history dating back to 1992. The company is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of environmental compliance, safety, and efficiency for its clients. For further information, please visit


Envent Corporation’s response to COVID-19

A Letter from Envent’s President in regards to COVID-19


To our valued customers and friends,

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in Envent Corporation during these uncertain times. As we monitor the COVID-19 situation developing around the world, our main priority is to maintain the health and safety of our employees, customers and community members.

While our front offices have closed, we are still providing environmental services and are ready to serve our customers, we wanted to reach out to provide an update on what Envent is doing in the wake of the current events.

We have been following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended precautions. Personnel that can work from home are working from home, the offices are closed to visitors and appointments. Group meetings are now virtual meetings.

Additionally, we are practicing social distancing when operating in the field supporting our customer’s essential operations. Fortunately, the majority of vapor control projects we provide are outdoors and associate minimal manpower (1-2 persons), which makes distancing ourselves as recommended by the CDC doable.

Moreover, we have increased our cleaning protocols in all areas. As always, personnel are wearing gloves as a part of their PPE while performing work. We have made hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and disinfecting wipes available for all employees.

We will continue to follow the directives of local and state health professionals to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information regarding the virus to help prevent its spread.

As a community, we will all get through this together. God Bless.



Steve Sellinger – President
Envent Corporation
(888) 997-9465


New addition to Envent’s Scrubber Fleet – Introducing a new ESCRUB 1000

Check out our newest addition to the Envent scrubber fleet!

This morning our fabrication team completed the functions testing and have released another ESCRUB 1000 into Envent’s scrubber fleet. This trailer mounted ESCRUB has a packed column recirculating scrubber followed by carbon canisters designed for high flow and high concentration. Mobilization of this equipment is quick and easy. This scrubber can be ran in series with one of its sister units for extremely high vapor concentrations or can be ran in parallel. Both configurations can be set up for continuous operation; removing shutdowns from spent chemical change-outs and both provide a 100% removal efficiency. It is designed for atmospheric pressure and is non-ASME rated.

As a specialized provider with over 25 years of experience, contact one of our engineers today or request a quote below to help you determine the right equipment for your facility. Our team will work up a quote to have the system deployed, set up and operated at your facility.