Envent Corporation Launches EnGas XC: Innovating Natural Gas Cross Compression Services

Envent Corporation has launched EnGas XC, a division dedicated to Mobile Pipeline Evacuation and Natural Gas Cross Compression services.

HOUSTONNov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Envent Corporation, a leading provider of environmental and industrial solutions for over 30 years, introduces EnGas XC, a pioneering division specializing in Mobile Pipeline Evacuation and Natural Gas Cross Compression services. This expansion aligns with industry needs, regulations, and the growing demand for sustainable solutions.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

EnGas XC, or “Cross compression,” involves safely removing methane from pipelines during maintenance, servicing, or testing, and subsequently reintroducing it to the active pipeline section. In response to the PHMSA Mega Rule and the industry’s focus on methane emissions reduction, Envent has developed cutting-edge mobile compressors that quickly process vapors, providing a Net ZERO methane release solution.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Compressors

Envent’s mobile compressors feature Caterpillar engines, Ariel compressors, and in-house engineered safety systems. All vessels comply with ASME code standards and have undergone rigorous testing for top-tier performance. With a team of OQ certified operators, Envent can swiftly mobilize anywhere in North America.

Key Benefits of EnGas XC:

  • Zero Emissions Pipeline Evacuation
  • Serving Midstream, Transmission & Distribution
  • Hydrostatic Test Water Treatment Support
  • Oil Field Drawdown Gas Compression
  • Operations Nationwide
  • Expertise in Degassing & Vapor Control
  • Odor Control Solutions
  • Advanced PLC Controlled Systems
  • Multi-stage Compressors for Efficiency
  • Compact and Mobile Trailer Dimensions
  • ASME Code Compliance for Safety
  • Methane Mitigation and Decarbonization
  • PHMSA Mega Rule Compliance
  • Proud Participant in the STAR Program

Industry Leader in Environmental Solutions

Since 1992, Envent Corporation has supported the oil & gas industry in achieving emissions standards and regulatory compliance across North America. The company is committed to economical decarbonization methods and innovative pipeline hydrostatic test water management.

Contact Information:

For more information about EnGas XC’s services, please email: Solutions@envent.net

About Envent Corporation:

Envent Corporation has been a pioneer in providing environmental and industrial solutions for over three decades, dedicated to minimizing environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiency. The company serves diverse industries, including oil & gas, natural gas pipelines, petrochemicals, and refineries. For further information, visit www.enventcorporation.com.


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