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Envent Corporation’s expertise with mobile wastewater treatment extends beyond industrial facilities to include a wide range of other wastewater sources. We have provided treatment solutions for wastewater generated by landfill leachate, refinery wastewater, sour water, storm water, groundwater and construction site dewatering. Our 30 years of experience in mobile wastewater treatment makes us the go to service for refineries, terminals, pipelines, chemical plants, and municipalities.  

Envent operates the nation’s largest fleet of transportable water treatment units, and our teams are available 24/7 to respond to emergencies anywhere in the country.

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Air stripping is the process of removing VOCs from wastewater and transferring them into an airstream. Envent removes >99.9% of pollutants through our use of both tower and low profile air strippers.

Tower Air Strippers

Envent offers tower air stripping services in which wastewater is pumped to the top of a tower and is sprayed over the top of packing material. The contaminated water then flows downward in the tower via gravity while air flows upward. VOCs are then transferred from the water to the air and flow out of the top of the tower. We conduct analytical tests on the water to ensure all VOCs are stripped. We then treat the contaminated air by completely destroying VOCs with our industry best vapor control equipment.

Low Profile Air Strippers

Envent’s low profile air strippers work similarly to tower air strippers, but the wastewater flows over inlet weir onto aeration trays, which acts as a sieve. The air then is introduced to the contaminated water, stripping the water of VOCs. Envent’s array of air stripping technologies are customized to meet our customers needs for any project.

Envent offers dissolved air flotation (DAF) services, which is a wastewater treatment method where suspended solids are removed from contaminated water. This is done by injecting air into the wastewater under pressure and then releasing the air in a flotation tank. The air bubbles then attach to the solid contaminants, bringing them to the surface. We then skim the waste off of the water, eliminating the oil and other suspended solids.

At Envent, we engineer and operate a wide array of oil/water separator equipment. A chambered tank is used to separate oil and water with the help of gravity so that the oil can be removed by a skimmer. We are able to tailor a plan for our customer’s needs whether they are located at a refinery, terminal, construction site, municipality, or other location. Our solutions save customers money and keep them in compliance with local and national regulations.

Activated carbon treatment is used to adsorb dangerous contaminants in wastewater. Envent’s treatment extends to refineries, terminals, municipalities, and chemical plants to provide activated carbon options for wastewater treatment. Our activated carbon systems help our customers meet regulations by removing pathogens and organic compounds. Since activated carbon is a highly porous material, it is highly effective in adsorbing contaminants in wastewater. At Envent, we offer treatment by both granular activated carbon and powdered activated carbon. After our treatment and organic chemicals have been removed, our customers are able to safely discharge their surface water.

PH (potential of hydrogen) is a measure of how acidic or basic a liquid is. In order to ensure that discharged water does not harm the environment, facilities must make sure their water is neutral before releasing it. Envent can help refineries, chemical plants, terminals, and municipalities adjust the PH of their wastewater at a cost efficient price so they stay in compliance. Through our wastewater treatment services, we are able to select the correct acidic or caustic solutions for our customers.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), known for its rotten egg smell, poses a major problem for the wastewater in industrial and municipal facilities. Not only is the odor noxious, but it results in corrosion of property if not treated appropriately. Along with the risk of corrosion to equipment, H2S is toxic and results in one of the leading causes of gas inhalation deaths in the United States. At Envent through our sulfide wastewater treatment services, we destroy H2S in your water streams, mitigating your risk to safety and financial risks.

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