5 Reasons Why Pre-Planning for Odors is Essential

Envent Corporation | Mobile Vapor Scrubbers

When it comes to major petrochemical and industrial projects and facilities, it pays to understand potential impacts on the environment. Emergency situations also arise where contaminations can release unsightly smells into the area. Here are five situations Envent Corporation has found where odor control measures can make a real difference.

1. Proper Planning

Envent prides itself on our ability to reduce hazardous vapors and smells from refineries. Outside Delaware City lies a refinery that was in desperate need of odor and vapor control. After a fire that spread black smoke into New Castle County, it became apparent that the refinery was the cause of significant problems.

It turns out that the refinery had been a source of malodorous vapors for some time, and though pollution detectors confirmed that no toxins were present nothing had been done to eliminate the smell. Had the facility installed effective scrubbers beforehand, it is likely that the surrounding communities would be more forgiving when accidents take place.

2. Crying Over Sour Milk

In West Jordan, Utah, residents living near a Dannon yogurt factory noticed the foul odor of rotting milk seeping into their neighborhood. Dannon’s response was to highlight a water treatment facility recently installed which they claim helped reduce the odors substantially. They also utilize scrubber units that, unlike Envent’s own proprietary VaporBite™ air cleansing technology, uses essential oils to reduce offensive smells, but it seems to have not made much difference.

3. Unsafe Sewers

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, resident found themselves in a bad situation when an odor treatment plant was found to be leaking noxious fumes into the neighborhood. The city had recently updated the plant within the past year, but instead of fixing the problem of constant sulfur smells it began to leak even more inhospitable odors. To prevent further contamination, the municipality would do well to bring in mobile solutions until the problem can be addressed, providing relief for residents immediately.

4. Poor Processing

Waste processing plants are naturally going to be a source for odors, which is why it’s essential to make sure the best scrubbers and air purifiers are at work with the facility. Unfortunately, in West Valley City, Utah, residents have been dealing with improper odor control for years. The local treatment plant had gotten so bad that locals were putting their houses on the market in an effort to escape the fumes.

5. Unseen Emergency

Back when pollution laws were less strict, factories and processing plants took care of waste in the most convenient ways possible. In Fargo, North Dakota, the cleanup of an extant manufactured gas plant has resulted in a strong mothball-like smell permeating the area.

This unexpected turn of events led to an emergency situation where cleanup crews hosed down contaminated soil as it was carried away in an effort to reduce the smell. As soon as room was made for tenting the area, air filtration systems like Envent’s high-powered air blowers were used to scrub the air.

In situations like these, it pays to have access to mobile air filtration systems. The Envent Corporation is dedicated to bringing the best scrubbing and air filtration systems available. Contact us to learn more about our proprietary technology. For more information about how we can assist with your odor control needs, contact our 24-hour hotline at 888-997-9645 or use this form to request a quote.