Port Arthur Refinery, Delayed Coker Turnaround

Port Arthur Refinery, Delayed Coker Turnaround

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A refinery customer planned a turnaround for their 4 Drum Delayed Coker Unit.  Due to the stricter emission limits imposed by the new Petroleum Refinery Sector Risk & Technology Review (RSR) regulations, the refinery needed Envent’s help.  The refinery had to depressure their unit from 50 PSIG down to 5 PSIG, at which point they would begin a combination of steaming up to 20,000 lb/hr of steam and sweeping with nitrogen up to 1100 CFM.  This project involved varying process heat values, high H2S levels (>800 ppm), temperature swings, and the requirement to maintain low pressure on the facility’s flare header (<46″ WC).


Envent mobilized two EMECS-42 thermal oxidizers, two ESCRUB-6000 recirculating scrubbers to remove H2S, two condensers to handle the steam, a pipeline separator to remove heavy liquid, and all associated safety equipment to complete the decommissioning.


Envent’s solution maintained environmental compliance throughout the entire project, and completed the job with zero safety incidents.  Through the use of Envent’s customized flareless turnaround solution, the Delayed Coker Unit was completed three days ahead of schedule, saving the customer over $6MM.

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