Houston Area Refinery, FCCU Turnaround Service

Houston Area Refinery, FCCU Turnaround Service

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A refinery customer planned a turnaround for their Fluidic Catalytic Cracking Unit and was in need of turnaround service support.  Because Envent has demonstrated the ability to help our customers meet the new, stricter emission limits imposed by the new Petroleum Refinery Sector Risk & Technology Review (RSR) regulations, the refinery knew they were getting the best.  The refinery had to depressure their unit from 35 PSIG at 3500 SCFM to bring the LEL concentration below 10%.  This stream would also include high H2S and temperatures up to 100 ⁰F.  The customer estimated the depressurization and decontamination to last approximately six days.


Envent mobilized two EMECS-42 thermal oxidizers, one ESCRUB-6000 recirculating scrubber to remove H2S, two KO pots, and all associated safety equipment to complete the decommissioning.  A key component of the safety equipment was an automatic safety valve to isolate both systems in the event of a process upset.


Envent was able to safely complete the unit depressurization and decontamination without incident, working with the refinery at each step along the way to finish two days faster than planned.  Envent has become the leader in turnaround support.

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