Deer Park Refinery, Hydrocracker Turnaround

Deer Park Refinery, Hydrocracker Turnaround

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A refinery conducted a turnaround on a Hydrocracker unit in the Deer Park area. The facility required a flareless turnaround due to the new Petroleum Refinery Sector Risk & Technology Review (RSR) regulations. In order to remain in compliance and shorten the duration of the decommissioning phase, Envent was called upon to depressure the unit.

The engineers at Envent developed a plan using three EMECS 42 thermal oxidizers, averaging 3400 SCFM, to depressure the unit from 180 PSI of nearly pure Hydrogen. Envent worked hand in hand with the refinery and a chemical cleaning company to first depressure the unit, and then complete three separate sweeps of nitrogen to decommission the unit.

Envent’s solution maintained 100% compliance throughout the project, as documented on the Enforce Compliance Report. The engineers and technicians on site completed the turnaround safely with zero incidents.  Envent has since helped the same facility on four additional turnarounds.

Customer Commendation

"With the new Flare-less regulations the Hydro-Cracker turnaround would have been delayed by several days without your assistance. In my opinion your portable combustion units were most effective in addressing our needs. The capability of your engineered system to handle the temperature and flow rates of our unit depressurization was key to the success of our turnaround." -Refinery Operations Coordinator

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