Victoria, Texas, Water Removal

Victoria, Texas, Water Removal

Portfolio Categories: All and Mobile Water Treatment.

A 150,000 barrel storage tank had an external floating roof with leaking seals around the edges. Every time rain event occurred, the customer’s tank would accrue rainwater that leaked around the edges. This customer was losing product storage space which resulted in loss of revenue from the water. Roughly 650,000 gallons of rain water needed to be removed which settled at the bottom of the tank.

Envent mobilized activated carbon and oil separation equipment to remove hydrocarbons and the eventual oil rag layer. Utilizing strategic placement of frac tanks, the rag layer settled solids was contained to just one tank allowing for easy removal. The project finished under the allotted time and achieved a non-detect concentration of VOCs during the project. The tank was also subsequently degassed by Envent.

Envent’s water treatment and vapor control solution allowed the customer to return the tank to service minimizing downtime. By removing and treating the water layer the customer was able to recover the remaining product to add additional savings compared to hauling off the contaminated product.

Project: Condensed Water Removal from Storage Tank Location: Victoria, Texas Product: Water contaminated with gasoline range organics.

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