Terminal Water Treatment – Bakersfield, California

Terminal Water Treatment – Bakersfield, California

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A tank at a terminal contained 3,000,000 gallons of hydrostatic test water to be disposed of. Envent utilized a pre-treatment system consisting of particulate filtration, clay absorption media, and granular activated carbon adsorption to remove the crude oil residual.

Envent engineers developed a cost effective solution on this project to handle the organic levels in the water. Process layout drawings and permitting support was also provided to keep the project moving on schedule. The treated water was sampled for laboratory analysis and was shown to be in compliance with the NPDES discharge limits. The water was then discharged through a sprinkler network to land.

By treating and discharging the hydrostatic test water with an economical solution, Envent’s mobile water treatment technology saved the customer an estimated $250,000, when factoring the hauling and disposal cost of the remote site.

Project: Tank Water Treatment and Discharging Onsite Cost Savings: $250,000 Location: Bakersfield, California Product: Hydrostatic test water with crude oil residual

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