Louisiana Chem Plant, Wastewater Treatment and Oil/Sludge Removal

Louisiana Chem Plant, Wastewater Treatment and Oil/Sludge Removal

Portfolio Categories: All and Mobile Water Treatment.

A customer had 30,000 barrels of process/sump water in a terminal station tank that needed to be de-inventoried. The original plan was to haul the hazardous process water off-site to a waste treatment facility.

Instead, Envent proposed treating and discharging the water at a fraction of the cost. Envent acquired the discharge permit to ensure regulatory compliance. The process water was then successfully treated using a combination of air flotation, filtration pods, clay media and granular activated carbon.

Approximately 1 million gallons of clean water was discharged to the POTW and an estimated $450,000 was saved when compared to transportation costs.

Cost Savings: $450,000 Location: Louisiana Refinery Product: Oil and sludge-laden water

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