Power Station, Groundwater Removal for Conduit Boring

Power Station, Groundwater Removal for Conduit Boring

Portfolio Categories: All and Mobile Water Treatment.

A construction company in San Diego needed to bore a hole under railroad tracks for a utility company to run wire underground, 15 ft below grade. The site location was a marine terminal, so Envent was contracted to dewater the area for digging and to treat the subsequent contaminated water.

Envent acquired the permission to discharge this water from San Diego’s Industrial Wastewater Control Program and provided the dewatering pumps and the treatment system. Treatment consisted of settling, bag filters and granular activated carbon to remove diesel and gasoline range organics.

The project resulted in the approximate savings of $24,000 and the successful discharge of 250,000 gallons of clean water.

Project: Ground Water Removal for Conduit Boring Cost Savings: $24,000 Location: San Diego, California Project: Water contaminated with diesel and gasoline range organics.

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