Vapor Control – Pipeline Sour Crude

Vapor Control – Pipeline Sour Crude

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Only Envent has the fleet and the flexibility to provide this level of service.

A California Oil Company needed a vapor control supplier that meets their safety requirements and provides reliable equipment. Envent designs, builds, maintains, and operates the largest fleet of mobile thermal oxidizers in the US. This pipeline contractor had a need for degassing several tanks in remote locations throughout the South Coast AQMD and Central California (arguably the most strictly regulated air in the world). So, not only was safety and equipment reliability the top two requirements, but also an economical, fail-safe solution.

Envent mobilized two Envent Mobile Thermal Oxidizer Systems (EMTOS). Having 14 different sizes in the fleet, Envent has the flexibility to provide a small vapor control unit for ongoing operation then switch to a high-flow system for quick degas when ready.

The small system cuts cost on pilot gas consumption that the larger unit would require to remain in compliance (>1400 °F). The larger unit will degas through the explosive range and <10% LEL as efficiently as the project calls for (all degas projects are a horse race when an explosive environment is present inside the tank). Moreover, both thermal oxidizer systems act as backup for each other – 100% redundancy. And if one system is not used, only a small daily standby rate is added. Only Envent has the fleet and the flexibility to provide this level of service.

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