Port Arthur Refinery, Flareless Hydrocracker Turnaround

Port Arthur Refinery, Flareless Hydrocracker Turnaround

Portfolio Categories: Degassing, Turnaround Services, and Vapor Scrubbing.


A refinery customer had to complete a flareless turnaround involving their Hydrocracker Unit.  The stricter emission limits imposed by the new Petroleum Refinery Sector Risk & Technology Review (RSR) regulations would not allow them to use the full capacity of their existing flare.  This meant that they would take much longer than in the past to prepare the Hydrocracker Unit for maintenance.


Envent mobilized three EMECS-42 thermal oxidizers, two ESCRUB-6000 recirculating scrubbers, and all associated safety equipment to complete the decommissioning.  This process involved the initial depressuring of over 99% hydrogen of the Hydrocracker unit, and was followed by multiple nitrogen purges and scrubbing of residual Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) vapors.  Throughout the entire project, Envent maintained low pressure (<27” WC) on the refinery’s flare header by using a supplemental, variable frequency drive blower to prevent unauthorized emissions.


Envent’s solution maintained environmental compliance throughout the entire project, and completed the job with zero safety incidents.  Through the use of Envent’s customized flareless turnaround solution, the Hydrocracker Unit was decommissioned on schedule.

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