Midwest Facility – Meeting EPA Requirements

Midwest Facility – Meeting EPA Requirements

A mid-west facility was under a time and regulatory constraint to reduce H2S emissions coming from a cold feed storage tank. There were many requirements that had to be met to sufficiently perform this job including having a high flow at the system. Envent had to figure out a way to knock out aerosol and oily carryover, and scrub H2S for an undetermined duration with no equipment failure.

Envent worked with the facility to provide a series of passive scrubbers, recirculating scrubbers, knockout pots, and blowers to adequately perform the job. Numerous studies were completed to consider pressure drop, clogging/plugging, spikes in LEL and H2S changes in seasonal patterns, including maintenance. Our Envent Engineers worked hand in hand with the facility’s engineers to scope the project and account for any potential hurdles to maximize system performance and reliability.   

Providing engineering, equipment, and specialized technicians allowed the facility to meet the deadline of lowering their H2S, which allowed them to continue operation. The extensive knowledge of scrubber utilization and maintenance provided by Envent gave the customer various operations to maximize performance. Without this acquired knowledge, longevity and equipment failure would’ve continued to present a challenge for the facility.

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