Southern California Refinery, Turnaround Support Services

Southern California Refinery, Turnaround Support Services

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A Southern California Refinery needed to conduct maintenance activities on a number of connected process units.  The goal was to complete several hot taps on each unit and cleaning to remove years of product buildup.  These units contained high levels of residual VOCs, sulfurous compounds, and other process byproducts.

Envent worked with a cleaning contractor to provide a turnkey solution for this large scale turnaround.  Envent’s cleaning contractor efficiently and effectively treated each process unit sequentially so that the refinery could quickly complete their necessary changes.  The cleaning contractor injected high pressure steam into the process units to break up the unwanted deposits. Envent’s engineers sized and staged a set of mobile heat exchangers to condense the contaminated steam exiting the process units.  The contaminated condensate was then transferred into Envent’s temporary storage tanks.  Envent’s reliable carbon systems were installed to maintain an odor-free and emission-free environment and ensure that the turnaround was fully compliant with the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s stringent requirements.

Envent was able to provide an efficient solution to support the refinery’s turnaround needs.  Not only was Envent able to supply their industry-leading vapor control equipment, but Envent used their engineering expertise to size and implement a cost-effective solution to control the contaminated steam from the cleaning process.  Some competitor’s may boast about similar vapor control technology, but industry leaders understand the true benefit of an environmental service provider founded on engineering solutions.

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