Norco, Louisiana, Marine Vapor Recovery

Norco, Louisiana, Marine Vapor Recovery

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The refinery uses sulfuric acid for their processing and brings in the fresh acid by barge. Once used, the spent sulfuric acid is pumped in to the barge. There were numerous odor and air quality complaints in the vicinity of the plant.

We developed a scrubber and thermal oxidizer system to eliminate the odors and the hazardous releases. Envent utilized the ESCRUB 1000 to eliminate the SO2 vapors, which at times is up to 30% and the EMTOS 2500 to destruct any residual hydrocarbons. Pressure drop study to account for pulling through the recirculating scrubber and all of the hoses to make sure the scrubber and thermal oxidizer blower size was sufficient. Ensuring the right concentration of caustic to still mitigate the vapors and last a sufficient amount of time vs. having too high a concentration and it solidifying in the piping and vessel.

With our engineered solution, the refinery has been able to operate without nuisance odor or the associated costly air board fines.

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