Westlake, Refinery, Vapor Scrubbers

Westlake, Refinery, Vapor Scrubbers

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A Westlake Louisiana refinery required vapor control on their tank while a robotic crawler made entry into the tank. The company was trying to recover $10,000,000 worth of catalyst that had carried over from their Catalytic Cracking Unit. Envent was also requested to provide vacuum rated carbon containers. The tank vapors were of a high concentration which required Envent to reduce the Lower Explosive Limit to 10% which was required for any kind of entry, including robotic.

Envent efficiently provided an engineered scrubber system including EVAC 3000 blower system, ESCRUB 6000 filled with our custom VapoScrub™EX5 scrubbing solution followed by the BD 16,000 carbon vessel filled with 16,000 lbs of reactivated carbon and the Envent 5000 CFM blower. Envent also placed specialized engineered vacuum carbon containers in line with the robotic crawler to capture suction vapors that were created while recovering the catalyst.

Using Envent’s custom engineered solution the company was able to keep odors from the tank catalyst recovery operation from shutting down turnaround operations in the immediate surrounding area. Envent was able to support the job and prolong the carbon media using VapoScrub™EX5. In addition to being able to recover $10,000,000 worth of catalyst safely and ahead of schedule, Envent was able to prevent surrounding crane operations from being disrupted saving $250,000 an hour.

Kept odors from the tank catalyst recovery operation from shutting down turnaround operations

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