Industrial Gas Company, Turnaround Support Services

Industrial Gas Company, Turnaround Support Services

Portfolio Categories: Turnaround Services.

During a turnaround, an industrial gas company required vapor control on a Propylene tank and vacuum trucks.  Once emptied, the tank was to be degassed and placed out of service.  The customer would then perform maintenance on the tank before returning it to service.

The engineers at Envent specified a dual vapor control system for the customer.  A carbon trailer would control the vapors from the vacuum trucks as they were filled with product.  Concurrently, an Envent thermal oxidizer would degas the Propylene tank.  The tank would need to be degassed in order to provide a safe working environment for the maintenance repairs.

Envent’s 24 hour, manned operation was an added benefit to the customer.  Due to Envent’s highly specialized and trained personnel, the customer was ensured that the tank was degassed correctly and safe to enter and perform work.  All Envent personnel are trained using state of the art VOC detection methods, and Envent’s equipment guarantees the best results.

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