San Francisco Refinery, Pipeline Depressurization & Degassing

San Francisco Refinery, Pipeline Depressurization & Degassing

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A large refinery in California needed vapor control on a propane recovery line. The refinery was to introduce a nitrogen stream into the pipeline to sweep out and purge the propane. In order to stay within the permit, the refinery would have to degas the pipeline to accommodate the Bay Area AQMD limits. A quick and easy vapor control solution was needed.

An EMTOS, or Envent Mobile Thermal Oxidizer System was chosen for this job. The process began by isolating the section of pipe, and connecting one end to the EMTOS. A nitrogen purge was then introduced from the opposite end to replace the displaced propane vapors. The EMTOS flowed at an average of 1900 SCFM, and was able to remove approximately 600 pounds of VOC’s. This was accomplished in just under five hours, with destruction efficiency greater than 99.9%.

The customer was able to easily depressurize and control the unwanted propane vapors. This solution ensured that the refinery avoided any unnecessary fees associated with the release of VOC’s into the environment. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved by keeping the refinery in operation without any regulatory fines.

600 pounds of VOC’s removed just under five hours

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