Texas Refinery, Port Arthur, Vapor Scrubbers

Texas Refinery, Port Arthur, Vapor Scrubbers

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A large Texas refinery was in need for a long term vapor control solution for their refinery.  Over a period of 6 months, the customer would need to slowly and continuously route acid from one tank to the next.  Due to the low flow, a passive vapor control method would be preferred.  A system that was specifically engineered for the concentration of VOCs and SOx.

The ideal solution for the customer was a scrubber that used one of Envent’s chemically engineered scrubbing media.  The liquid scrubber was chosen due to the passive flow of the vapors, and the hazards of the acid.  Due to low flow and VOC concentrations, a thermal oxidizer would not be cost effective.  The vapors were routed through the scrubbers in order to safely neutralize any harmful VOCs to the environment in the most effective manner.

By capturing nearly all potential VOCs and SOx, the refinery avoided any and all potential fines from TCEQ.

Neutralized any harmful VOCs to the environment in the most cost effective manner.

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