Texas, Butadiene Sphere Tank Degassing

Texas, Butadiene Sphere Tank Degassing

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A petrochemical company needed both vapor control, and degassing for a spherical 30,000 barrel Butadiene tank. The customer needed to transfer the residual product from the spherical tank into two frac tanks. Vapor control would be provided during this fill up. Once empty, the degassing of the spherical tank would begin. An independent tank cleaning company would then spray and clean the tank.

Envent engineered a solution to utilize the Envent Mobile Emission Control System, or EMECS, for this project. With a capacity for burning 42 million BTU/hr, the EMECS was chosen due to the high BTU content of Butadiene. For added safety, the EMECS was used in conjunction with an additional knockout pot, and a group B detonation arrestor. This added an extra layer of safety for the butadiene, as well as helped prevent liquid carryover during the filling of the frac tanks.

The customer was able to easily empty, and clean their spherical tank without releasing unwanted vapors. The EMECS unit provided by Envent was able to quickly switch from a vapor control, to a degassing service with little to no downtime, and ahead of schedule.

Degassing and Vapor Control on Spheres Made Easy

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