Gulf Coast Refinery Changing Focus

Gulf Coast Refinery Changing Focus


A gulf coast refinery was recently the target of a large hurricane: a storm that caused them significant damages. It was at this point, the refinery decided to change their model from a refinery into a storage terminal facility. During this process, the facility found value in selling their current product via marine vessels. When loading vessels with certain hydrocarbon products, the US Coast Guard mandates the use of a Dock Safety Unit (DSU) or MVR (Marine Vapor Recovery) system as an added safety feature to prevent the possibility of a flame. Unfortunately, however, the facility’s MVR had been destroyed in the storm.


The facility reached out to Envent with their problem, and Envent responded with a BACT (Best Available Control Technology) solution. Envent maintains and operates their own MVR; the EDSU. The Envent Dock Safety Unit (EDSU) is a portable equivalent to many facilities’ permanent MVR installations. This, paired with Envent’s EMECS style thermal oxidizer, saved the facility from having no means to transport this product from their facility via marine vessels.


The facility benefited from utilizing Envent’s mobile equipment at time they needed it most. The facility was able to quickly move product without spending a significant amount of resources (time and money) repairing the fixed MVR system on site. Envent earned a deserved trust with this facility, and this opportunity has led to future growth between Envent and this company, which is one of the country’s largest refining companies.



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