Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Bunkering

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Bunkering


A customer of ours has two cargo ships that constantly transfer cargo up and down the west coast. These ships are always sailing back or forth with commerce and are on extremely tight schedules. Envent Corporation was challenged with assisting in the commissioning a new LNG fuel system on one of these cargo ships, while minimizing downtime. LNG Bunkering requires cooling in steps with nitrogen to cryogenic temperatures of ≤-156 °C or ≤-250°F in order to prepare the fuel system materials to receive liquid natural gas (LNG) at -260°F. Once the fuel system is cooled, liquid natural gas is introduced, but the system cannot be utilized until all N2 has been removed.


The customer will set up a liquid nitrogen pumper to cool the fuel system in prep for LNG. Envent Corporation will set up ambient air vaporizers and an EMECS 70 thermal oxidizer to receive N2 and natural gas from the commissioning process, until all N2 has been removed. The cryogenic gases will be transported through ss braided hose from the ships fuel system to our ambient air vaporizers, bringing the gas temperature up above minimum allowable working temperatures. The gas mix will then continue to be safely oxidized by our EMECS 70.


Envent Corporation’s engineering, equipment selection, and expertise allows us to take this dangerous cryogenic/explosive fuel from the bunkering process and quickly/safely combust it in a controlled burn. Thus allowing, our customer to safely convert their cargo ship into a clean burning fuel vessel without emitting large volumes of greenhouse gases in the process.



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