Duct Removal NOx Vapor Control – Richmond, CA

Duct Removal NOx Vapor Control – Richmond, CA


A customer removed 50′ of 60″ ducting which contained NOx. The facility is located next to a major highway and bridge in the California Bay Area. Envent provided vapor control on the NOx so it did not produce a toxic orange cloud over the heavily populated area while the customer was removing the ducting.


Envent connected a 2,000 cfm blower to the 8″ flange connection on top of the ducting provided by the facility. 8″ connections were provided at multiple locations. Envent provided (3) re-circulation liquid scrubbers, ESCRUB 6000’s, in order to mitigate the NOx in the vapor stream. The first ESCRUB’s were filled with a sulfamic acid solution. The second was filled with a caustic solution. And the third was provided as a back-up unit on standby to be used if need with the sulfamic acid for NOx. Lastly, the cut pieces of ducting were forklifted to a hooch for storage while they were cleaned and prepared for disposal. Envent connected to the hooch via a fitting provided by our customer to scrub vapors while the ducting was cleaned.


The facility remained in compliance with the BAAQMD due to Envent’s engineered solutions safely removing the NOx from the ducting. The heavily populated area remained safe while the ducting was removed, cleaned and disposed.



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