Mobile Multi/Dual Phase Extraction Pilot Test

Mobile Multi/Dual Phase Extraction Pilot Test


There was a large plume of MTBE below grade near a waterway strait. Envent had been collecting ground water and treating it from this site for approximately 10 years but due to multiple years of drought ground water was no longer mobilizing large concentrations of MTBE for removal.


Envent was asked to provide a multi-phase or dual phase extraction system to target the heart of the plum since we were already onsite providing groundwater treatment services. We brought is a full vacuum DVT blower with a 300 gallons KO pot, automatic pump on level control, and a thermal oxidizer for destruction of the vapor phase MTBE/GRO gases.


We were able to target the heart of the plum with soil vapor extraction, while still managing the water that came from the extraction wells. It was a great way to keep the clean up/remediation efforts moving forward when the amount of groundwater slowed down due to draught.

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