Illinois Refinery, Gasoline Tank Degas

Illinois Refinery, Gasoline Tank Degas

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An Illinois refinery required a 169,000-barrel overflow tank to be degassed. The overflow tank followed two active process tanks in series and served as an active receptacle for overflow product during process upsets. Additionally, the Hydrogen Sulfide concentration levels in the tank were especially high because the tank held raw gasoline. Envent was referred internally to manage this complex degassing scenario based on previous projects that had been successfully executed for the same customer on the east coast.

Envent engineers determined best outcomes would result by using a combined Oxidizer/Scrubber system on the tank to abate the vapors being produced on this complex tank arrangement. The Hydrogen Sulfide concentration fluctuated based on the process upsets that the refinery company encountered, but Envent’s operators and equipment were able to successfully control the off-gas in each instance to complete the especially challenging job.

The client is estimated to have saved $250,000 by contracting Envent.

Estimated to have saved $250,000 by contracting Envent.

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