Houston, Refinery Turnaround Support Services

Houston, Refinery Turnaround Support Services

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During a refinery turnaround project, a refinery required the use of temporary tanks to store wastewater from a cleaning operation. Multiple units in different locations in the refinery were being cleaned at the same time and the wastewater would not meet discharge specifications.

Envent mobilized and operated a network of temporary tanks, carbon systems, berms, pumps and heat exchangers to safely contain the chemicals used to clean the refinery units.  The 200,000 gallons of wastewater runoff contained a hazardous assortment of spent caustic, industrial cleaners, degreasers, oxidizers, and surfactants; it was critical that Envent’s team executed perfectly.

The arrangement was engineered to provide a simple and economic solution for the client’s turnaround, and resulted in a savings of approximately $150,000.  Envent’s engineering department utilized a systematic approach to deal with the intricacies of this project and produced an environmentally friendly solution.

Project: Turnaround Support Services Cost Savings: $150,000 Location: Gulf Coast Refinery

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