Alaska – 3 Million Gallons Hydrotest & Water Treatment

Alaska – 3 Million Gallons Hydrotest & Water Treatment

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Treat and discharge 3,000,000 gallons of water from a pipeline hydrotest on the North Slope of Alaska. The pipeline location is at the end of the ice roads where transporting hydro test water from the job site to a new location for disposal would be extremely costly and dangerous. The company wanted to discharge clean hydrotest water to the barren Tundra without polluting the environment.

Timing conditions for Envent Corporation to send mobile treatment equipment 3,800 miles, up the thawed ice roads, to successfully remove TSS, Turbidity, O&G, NTU, and other toxic contaminants to well below the effluent limitations prior to discharge.

Protecting the tundra, America’s last frontier, from pollution while substantially minimizing the customers cost during a mandatory pipeline integrity check.

Protected America's last frontier while minimizing costs.

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