Los Angeles, California, Major Oil Pipeline Emergency Water Treatment

Los Angeles, California, Major Oil Pipeline Emergency Water Treatment

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A pipeline company required emergency treatment and discharge of contaminated water to the Los Angeles City Sanitation system during a construction project. The effluent pipeline water properties varied over time due to numerous drilling and grouting activities occurring upstream of the effluent.

Envent efficiently provided a mobile water treatment system and the proper POTW regulatory permitting for the project. The emergency was resolved by Envent rolling out equipment on short notice with persistent communications with local water board to keep the customer in compliance. By meeting the POTW specifications, a total of 200,000 gallons of effluent was treated discharged from the project. The polluted pipeline water was treated with water settling equipment and filtration technologies.

Because of Envent’s quick response and high flexibility, the pipeline company could finish their construction without further delays to the schedule. A great saving was achieved when compared to the hauling and off-site treatment costs the customer and further delays to the pipeline construction project.

Pipeline Relocation and Emergency Water Treatment

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