Envent provides turnaround support for emergency shutdown

Envent provides turnaround support for emergency shutdown

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A Gulf Coast Refinery was faced with an emergency shutdown on one of their reactors, the catalyst was spent and needed immediate replacement, and it needed to be completed in time for their Alkylation unit was to be brought back online. The reactor needed to be cleaned in three separate phases in order to neutralize the catalyst and prepare the system for maintenance. The system would be at high pressures (>200 PSIG), high temperatures (>320F) and would contain Hydrogen at 90%, along with inbound sweeps of Hot N2. The work needed to be scoped, planned and executed in around 7 days in order to meet the desired timelines.


Envent worked with the site’s Turnaround planners and engineering team to properly scope a system that would handle the critical parameters, as well as be able to handle and process the changing atmosphere within the reactor. Envent mobilized the EMECS 70, the largest mobile thermal oxidizer in the US, the EMECS along with heat exchangers, regulators, NFPA approved Hydrogen flame/detonation arrestors, and ASME rated pressure vessels ensured that all conditions and phases of the project were dealt with. Envent operated the entire project with Field Supervisors, Project engineers, and the best equipment operators in the industry.


The project was completed safely and in a timely manner, the customer was able to meet the deadline set forth by it’s turnaround schedule. The reactor was verified to be gas-free and safe for entry and inspection. Envent’s ability to provide turnaround support at a very short notice allowed the site to bring up a major Unit’s components at the same time without any delays, saving them costly delays in labor and production.

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