Envent provides a customized Noise Emission Control System

Envent provides a customized Noise Emission Control System

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A customer in the Midwest needed to reduce noise coming from a natural gas pipeline blowdown. Pipeline blowdown operations can be very loud have the potential to disrupt the immediate area. The gaseous contents of the pipeline are at high pressure and when that pressure is under controlled release, creates an unpleasant rushing sound. ENVENT was called upon to assist with the noise emissions.


ENVENT engineers developed a portable pipeline silencer and constructed it in-house. This silencer was designed to lower noise emissions while allowing for a quick de-pressure of the pipeline. We also used our pipeline liquid/gas separator upstream of the silencer to capture any condensate or residual product in the pipeline during de-pressure and subsequent pigging.


The customer was very pleased with the performance of the silencer, allowing for a faster blowdown with no complaints from the adjacent neighborhood. Moreover, the pipeline liquid/gas separator ensured there was no risk of any liquids touching the ground. ENVENT provided a noise emissions control system that doubled as a spill prevention system.


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