Envent Finds Themselves Inside Another Houston Refinery

Envent Finds Themselves Inside Another Houston Refinery

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A Houston refinery reaches out to Envent to submit a competitive proposal amongst many other thermal oxidizing companies to assist in the cleaning and degassing an API Seperator. This tank is an underground-rectangular tank with an extrernal-floating roof. This tank has taken years of waste-water products from all over the refinery, which creates a potentially unknown mix of hydrocarbons. The reports state it contains 5-6 feet of Sludge.


The refinery utilized frac tanks, a pump, a centrifuge, and a manway cannon to complete this cleaning, and Envent provided vapor control every step of the way. A centrifuge separates sludge from water, and delivers the two parts into frac tanks. When filling frac tanks with hydrocarbon liquids, a vapor space is displaced, and vapor control is needed. Envent utilizes their EMTOS thermal oxidizer to receive those vapors. Once the tank was cleaned, Envent Utilized their thermal oxidizer to finish the degas.


By utilizing Envent’s thermal oxidizer, the refinery was able to complete the tank cleaning safely, and compliantly. Envent and the refinery kept constant communication throughout the entire process, and built a strong working relationship. This was Envent’s first major project within this refinery, and upon perfect execution, created an everlasting impression with them.

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