Compressor Station Pulldown

Compressor Station Pulldown

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Envent’s North-East Natural Gas Transmission customer required maintenance of a 52 inch pipeline due to a leak. The problem had to be resolved immediately. The problem could have resulted in adverse environmental impacts and financial loss if it was not addressed immediately


Envent responded within 24 hours to the jobsite with our newest 3 stage compressor allowing us to draw pressure down to 15 psig within 14 hours. The Envent Cross Compression Unit compressed the natural gas from the impacted natural gas transmission line to another section of natural gas pipeline with zero emissions.


Envent played a pivotal role in safeguarding our customer from the potential loss of natural gas resources and yielding environmental benefits of zero emissions. This accomplishment is a testament to Envent’s capability, as we successfully execute the task but also accomplished it well within the client’s timeline. Envent provides established offices throughout North America allow us to immediately mobilize to jobsites in the US and Canada within hours. Our Natural Gas Cross Compression Units are the largest and most efficient units on the market.

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