Flare Gas Scrubber System & Compliance

Flare Gas Scrubber System & Compliance

Portfolio Categories: Case Studies and Vapor Scrubbing.


An Envent customer needed to perform maintenance on their distillation unit, SATS unit, and flare. For this project, the customer rented a temporary flare to combust VOCs while their main flare unit was serviced. The customer came to Envent requesting sour gas scrubbing. H2S levels up to 15,000 ppm were to be expected in their flare gas. Customer also requested that the H2S concentration be neutralized to remain in compliance with the EPA. In order to stay in compliance, H2S concentrations could not exceed 160 ppm at their temporary flare.


Envent proposed a customized scrubber system to neutralize the sour gas so that the customer could be in compliance with the EPA. Envent mobilized multiple pieces of equipment including three ESCRUB-2000s, three high pressure knockout pots, and two frac tanks. The three scrubbers and knockout pots were connected directly to the customer’s flare header in parallel in order to handle the highest flows and concentrations that were provided. The scrubber system was manned 24/7 by a team of two technicians and one crew lead to ensure operation and caustic change-outs were performed safely and efficiently.


Envent provided an efficient setup which neutralized the H2S concentrations in the customer’s sour gas. The scrubber system was manned 24/7 to ensure equipment was fully functional and to keep the customer in compliance. Envent’s customer was satisfied with the professionalism and safe work practices when handling hazardous chemicals.

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