Helping Heroes through The Semper Fi Fund

Envent Corporation has a fundraiser for The Semper Fi Fund, each year. The Envent owners match company wide contributions. We have raised nearly $100K for our veterans over the years! We are very proud of our veteran employees and the rest of us that support them. We are very thankful that we have heroes that go to battle for our freedom and often sacrifice so much. Thank you vets!!!


Hurricane Harvey Update: Employee Relief Fund

Envent Employee Relief Fund for Gulf Coast

Our friends and coworkers in the Gulf Coast area have been struggling with Hurricane Harvey’s wrath of devastating floods since Friday, August 25th.  It looks like they are in for another 4-5 days of nasty weather before the water begins to recede.  Unfortunately, several Envent team members have homes that have flooded and cars that are no longer operational.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help, so Envent Corporation has started a fund to help those who were affected.  What you may or may not know, at least ELEVEN (11) Envent associates and their families have been evacuated from flooded houses. Some have lost everything. In the days ahead, we will highlight their stories and post more information. Please do what you can to help them get a running start to rebuilding their lives.

Since we cannot offer assistance in person and most in the Gulf are sheltering in place, please donate what you can and continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Huntsman Chemical Safety Meeting

Joe Robinson, HSE Supervisor, attended the quarterly safety network meeting hosted by Huntsman Chemical, at the Huntsman Chemical O&O Facility in Port Neches, TX.  The meeting consisted of attendees from various contract companies and local chemical or refinery facilities from around the region (from Lake Charles, LA to Freeport, TX).
The meeting was designed to share safety program training, safety presentations, updates on any new finds, top trends that have been reported, as well as networking among attendees.

Showing in the picture from left to right is:
Dennis Malveaux – Safety Lead and STAT Co-Facilitator from the Huntsman Chemical O&O facility
Joe Robinson – Safety Supervisor Gulf Coast Region for Envent Corporation
David Mathewson – Global training Manager Huntsman Chemical



Maverick Field

Manager, Operations

We know the price to success, DEDICATION; hard work and devotion never fails. It’s not possible to prevent every equipment failure, however, keep in mind that responding immediately 99.3% of the time, for every issue we might have and doing what it takes to fix the issue as quickly and safely as possible is what builds trust, and a better customer relationship. It’s what makes ENVENT #1.

Our customers understand that we use mobile equipment, driven hard, over rough roads and in adverse conditions. We can do everything in our power to keep our systems working, and in fact do a great job of that, but equipment can still breakdown. It’s the response to those failures that our customers judge us on, not the actual failure itself.

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Bonding, grounding ensure safe degassing operations – BIC Magazine June/July 2016

Envent has been featured on BIC (Business & Industry Connection) Magazine‘s June/July 2016 issue. Envent is aligned with BIC Alliance’s goal of connecting  people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all. Check us out! You can also click the link to view this article on BIC’s website. BIC Magazine June/July 2016

BIC AD - Bonding - Grounding ensure safe degassing operations - June - July 2016