Maverick Field

Manager, Operations

We know the price to success, DEDICATION; hard work and devotion never fails. It’s not possible to prevent every equipment failure, however, keep in mind that responding immediately 99.3% of the time, for every issue we might have and doing what it takes to fix the issue as quickly and safely as possible is what builds trust, and a better customer relationship. It’s what makes ENVENT #1.

Our customers understand that we use mobile equipment, driven hard, over rough roads and in adverse conditions. We can do everything in our power to keep our systems working, and in fact do a great job of that, but equipment can still breakdown. It’s the response to those failures that our customers judge us on, not the actual failure itself.

Earlier this week, we had a system failure on an EMTOS in Beaumont, 115 miles from East of Houston, at 2:00 AM, in the middle of the job, our Asst. Operations Manager, Maverick Field immediately rolled out of bed and drove 140 miles from his home to the jobsite, fixed the problem and got the system operational again.

This is dedication. This is someone who cares not only for our team, but for our customers as well. As a result of Maverick’s immediate response, in the middle of the night, Envent not only retained a customer, but has also built a better relationship. Thanks again Maverick, the Envent Team appreciates your hard work and dedication.