Envent Corporation’s Training, Procedures and Personnel keep an Incident from becoming a nightmare!

Alert Response by Envent Personnel Provides for Rapid Emergency Response and No Injuries.

Long Beach, CA – March 6, 2013 – Envent has the finest trained personnel in the industry.  Like a pilot on an airplane, they are trained to follow the routine and be very prepared for a problem.  When that problem arose on a job last month where a piece of equipment operated by the plant began to leak, our operators took swift action, shutting the unit down, notifying the plant personnel and evacuating.  We reward such actions but they are expected of our highly trained operators.  Envent is in it’s 8th year with a 0.0 TRIR and EMR of 0.64.  We have continue to remain the #1 Industry Leader in Tank Degassing, Vapor Control and Mobile Water Treatment Services.  


About Envent Corporation
Envent was formed in 1992 to provide industrial and municipal customers with engineered solutions for a range of environmental problems. Envent is dedicated to building long-term client relationships, improving our clients’ administrative and operating efficiencies, and delivering outstanding results.

About Brian Miller
Brian Miller is Envent’s Environmental, Health & Safety Manager. Brian began his career in the metal finishing industry working his way up to an Operations Manager position. Brian worked ran an Aerospace painting company before managing becoming the safety director for an Armored Car company. Brian has been providing industrial safety and operations management for 27 years. Brian can be reached at (888) 997-9465, cell phone # (714) 353-2342, or Brian.Miller@envent.net.