Texas City, Vapor Control, Emergency Response

Texas City, Vapor Control, Emergency Response

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A terminal company in Texas City utilized a flare to control vapors on their storage tanks. When the flare failed, Envent was called to control excess vapors. Envent responded to this emergency, and was able to arrive onsite within four hours.

Once the emergency call was placed, Envent’s on call personnel was able to mobilize the EMECS 42 unit onsite. With the capability to burn over 42 million BTU per hour, the EMECS was an excellent bypass option while the flare was repaired. In 12 hours, and the flare was placed back into service. With such a short repair window, quick response time was imperative. Within four hours of making the call, the excess vapors were being controlled by Envent.

Envent keeps a fleet of vapor control solutions ready to move on a moment’s notice. Having a rigid preventative maintenance schedule, coupled with active on call personnel, Envent is always ready for any emergency.

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