St. James Louisiana, ETP Air Stripper

St. James Louisiana, ETP Air Stripper

A chemical plant located in Louisiana had a boiler break down on one of their air stripper systems. In normal operation, the boiler was used to bring down the liquid level in their storage tanks. With the boiler down, the chemical plant was unable to properly run their air stripper system. Due to the highly specific requirements of the boiler, renting a replacement was a highly expensive, and time consuming process.

Envent engineers designed a solution to provide an EMTOS 4500 unit while the repairs were made to the boiler. Envent’s specially trained operators matched, and maintained the necessary flow to handle the blower used on the air stripper. Two technicians were provided per shift in order to monitor the EMTOS, and to ensure the unit was keeping up with the flow demands from the air stripper.

The chemical plant was able to minimize their cost by providing power and fuel to cut wet cost during the operations. Envent’s solution allowed the plant to safely operate their system, and bring down levels in their tank.  Through successful planning and execution, Envent saved the customer millions in fines, and rental equipment.

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