Houston Ship Channel, Natural Gasoline Sphere Tank Degas

Houston Ship Channel, Natural Gasoline Sphere Tank Degas

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A Houston ship channel refined product storage terminal requested our degassing expertise to engineer a solution for an unconventional sphere tank. Due to the unconventional design of the tank, previous attempts by competitors failed and the customers budget was blown. Other degassing contractors lack Envent’s engineering expertise and equipment.

Envent engineers assessed the original tank drawings and performed detailed job walks with experienced field supervisors to coordinate the most effective method of degassing. We engineered a solutions using a 42 MMBTU per hour Envent Mobile Emission Control System (EMECS).

Once on the job, Envent depressured the tank within the first couple hours and was able to turn multiple tank volumes by the next day. Due to an effective strategy, the tank maintained below 10% LEL sooner than expected, allowing cleaning of the tank to commence earlier, reducing the cost of degassing and cleaning by 56% and the duration of the outage by 5 times. This alone amounted to an estimated $140,000 revenue improvement.

Project: Sphere Tank Location: Houston, Texas Product: Gasoline

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