Southern California Tank Degassing

Southern California Tank Degassing

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A 180,000 BBL southern California refinery waste water tank, frac tanks and centrifuge equipment needed vapor control and degassing during sludge removal. The two month long project needed redundancy and great attention to detail to abide by the permitting requirements. Backup systems were required to service the generator and still operate with in the air district rules. Moisture had to be taken in to consideration to prevent plugging process vapor lines.

After analyzing, a simple integrated system was utilized in this project based on Envent’s experience on previous centrifuge operations. Envent was able to optimize efficiency by mobilizing a redundant passive vapor control system to maintain 24/7 operation while making the short generator service intervals. The vapor control and degas was handled safely and allowed the sludge removal process to proceed without interruption from Envent’s scope of work. With close communication between all parties, Envent was able to finish the job on time and within budget.

Envent chose the optimal units to for the job to save the customer money on over or undersized equipment. The treatment system also provided the most economical and efficient system by eliminating down time.

Maintained 24/7 operation while making the short generator service intervals.

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